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Full Contact by Sidney Halston

Full Contact: Worth the Fight Series - Sidney Halston

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review

Jessica is recouping at her friend Slade's (well he's a little more than a friend but we'll get to that in a minute) house after being physically assaulted by her now ex-boyfriend Dennis. The actual assault and reasons for the assault happen in the book preceding this one but I didn't read that one and felt the flashbacks the author provides gives enough information to square away any confusion that might be felt by any newcomers. Slade is a former MMA fighter, had to retire due to health reasons, that now is a trainer at the Worth the Fight Academy. He's persistently asked his neighborhood bartender Jessica out but always receiving the same answer of "I have a boyfriend" which he optimistically thinks as "not a no." When he gets the word that Jessica is in the hospital he flies to her side and keeps her by his.
Full Contact is a Random House Loveswept title, it is therefore a little fluffier and lighter than what I typically read and my three star rating should be looked upon as more forgiving as I am rating this in the same vein as it should be read in. Jessica and Slade are both very thin characters, Jessica thinks both slutty women and Slade can't keep away from each other and Slade is probably a distant cousin of Tarzan. He sees no problem with past hookups coming out of the woodwork to either beg for him or slap him, a lot of the time right in front of Jessica. I would just like to interject too, that it is somewhat worrisome how the word slut is tossed around, not only in this story but ones like it and how a lot of the women are portrayed as brainless bimbos who deserve to be treated horribly without any resemblance of respect. Let's work to change this tired storyline.
Anyway, Jessica and Slade do have chemistry and have some heated bedroom scenes, which is probably why and what people are looking for when they pick this book up. Most of the story consists of Jessica and Slade doing a rinse and repeat of learning to trust each other. The abusive ex-boyfriend Dennis storyline is forced and thrown in to just cause tension for our couple and caused me to become annoyed with Jessica many times. The MMA aspect also plays a decent part of the story so if you like fingerless gloved up men; this has your bases covered with many side characters.
This author's writing reminds me a great deal of Kristen Ashley's earlier work before it got cleaned up a bit. The base of structure is there but the characters and story themes need to mature more. If you're looking for some mindless entertainment with muscled up dudes then this book and series could be a go to.