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Want It by Jennifer Chance

Want It (Rule Breakers) - Jennifer Chance

****Full Review****


I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Erin needs some helpful tips, specifically tips on how to negotiate with people who take your irresponsible mother and her boyfriend hostage. As Erin is an artist and fairly introverted she doesn’t quite have the circle of friends that have these expertise either. When she receives an email from her ex-boyfriend’s mother with the date and time of his father’s funeral she recalls that he is in the military and may just have the knowledge of skills she so desperately needs. The fact that Erin hasn’t spoken to him in four years and oh yeah, she basically destroyed his life when she inadvertently got him arrested shouldn’t harm her chances of getting his help at all. When Zander comes face to face with Erin he is shocked and starts to feel all his old emotions of anger along with some lingering attraction. When he finds out the kind of trouble she is in there is no way he is going to let her leave his side. As they work to save Erin’s mother they have to decide if past hurts can be forgiven in favor of future relationships.


In the beginning Erin seemed somewhat naïve, from the way she approached her mother’s hostage situation to how and what questions she asked Zander not thinking he wouldn’t be extremely scrutinizing of why she needed the answers she did. Erin never fully crosses over to TSTL territory but there were times I had to remind myself she was only twenty-two and lacking in world experience to help explain her actions. Zander was the complete opposite, I kept checking to make sure he was suppose to be only twenty-two because of the way he was written with such strength of maturity and the story thread of him being heavily recruited by a private security agency. Zander does have a wealth of real world experience and being in heavy stress situations but some instances seemed out of reach for a twenty-two year old. The first half of the book I loved how Erin and Zander interacted, they were very normal with each other in terms of dialogue. Erin's wide-eyed in over her head played well against Zander's man of the world protectiveness. They were funny and cute together with an overlap of things left unsaid and unsettled hanging over them.


The second half of the book didn’t work as well for me as the hostage situation came more into play or was suppose to. When Erin and Zander get down to Mexico the pace slowed way down and while their bedroom scenes (and pool scene) heated up, my interest cooled off. The suspense angle fizzled as the bad guys showed up only to disappear again and again in choppy intervals and then were beaten in a fairly anticlimactic way. The story focuses pretty much on Erin and Zander so secondary characters were largely in the background. As this is third in a series, there were a couple characters I could tell were from previous books but they did not play a significant role in the story and I would say this could easily pass as a standalone.


While Erin and Zander actually falling in love is kind of missed as this happened when they were teenagers, their current dialogue and interactions were cute and appealing. The first half had me invested but unfortunately the middle and last half lost its way focusing on a few repetitive bedroom scenes. However, if you’re just looking for a stalwart soldier and babe in the woods themed quick romance, the solid writing here could make this an option.