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Against the Sky by Kat Martin

Against the Sky (The Brodies of Alaska) - Kat Martin

****Full Review****


I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

After wrapping up an especially horrific case Nick decides to retire as a police detective and find a job that doesn't leave him with nightmares at night. When his brother gifts him with a plane ticket to Las Vegas Nick jumps at the chance to get away. He can't completely turn off his heroism though and ends up saving Samantha from an overzealous drunk in their hotel. Samantha is in town for a pet convention trying to network and get ideas for her pet store. When sexy blue eyed Nick shows up as her prince charming she decides to take a risk and go against her usual answer to one night stands. When their wild weekend produces an unexpected result, Samantha finds herself traveling to Alaska. Suddenly, her and Nick are not only battling what their futures should look like but also the Russian Mob.

Against the Sky had a very clunky start that involved stilted dialogue and scenes, it was as if the writer wanted to get the meet and greet over with so the story could really start to begin. Samantha didn't come off as the most likable character, most of the time she is complaining about how she could never live in Alaska (it never crosses her mind that Nick might move or they could compromise somehow). I know she loves to cook though, as it was mentioned over and over and took up more than half of her storyline with the remaining being her whining about how her and Nick will never work out. Nick is your typical cardboard cut out alpha but I will cut him a little slack as he had a lot on his plate. When his neighbor boy comes over to involve him in what turns out to be Russian mob issues he (reluctantly) shines as he gets to moving and shaking on involving past characters and future heroes to save the day.

There was numerous pointless conversations (hey, there's a new Cabelas in town!) that slowed the pace down in what was suppose to be a murder suspense story; they need to be trimmed. Samantha and Nick's relationship didn't really work for me, it was a lot of "I really like Samantha but she is too girly for Alaska" from Nick and "Nick is so sexy but he needs Alaska to be manly in while I like to shop" from Samantha. The last twenty percent or so picked up immensely with the action involving the Russian mob. Our couple is investigating (I do have to question how Samantha is suddenly a hacker extraordinaire breaking into data bases because she knows how to "work" Google very well) while dodging bullets, and working to save lives. Frankly though, by the time it got to this point I would have rather been reading Connie's (the Russian mob boss who traffics women and children) story, he at least sounds less whiny.

This delicious cover had me having high hopes for it, unfortunately, instead of a sexy thrilling ride I got a bland relaying of facts story that didn't have much passion to it. This is the second in a series featuring brothers and it seems like there are characters from past Martin books, if you're already invested in the family then you'll probably want to see how the youngest brother gets his happily ever after but if you're just jumping in, I'd give this one a pass.