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How to Say Goodbye by Amber Lin

How to Say Goodbye - Amber Lin

How to Say Goodbye was a New Adult story that vastly differed from the majority flooding the market right now. There is angst but it stemmed from Amy's emotionally sterile childhood and feelings of abandonment while Dane's involved childhood trauma and the issues that come with living on the streets. 

Amy was dismayingly shy in the beginning, which fit in with how she was raised, but with every interaction with Dane, the reader saw and felt as she began to gain more confidence and come into her own. 

Dane was our bad boy who fantastically didn't even come close to the word "bad" in all the ways that matter. He was kind, gentle, respectful, and always asking Amy how soon and how far; no pushy man whore here.

If you like New Adult genre reads, then you will definitely want to give this one a try. Amy and Dane's separate and together story had real heart to it and Amy's personal growth will invigorate your sense of hope.


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