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October Roundup

First off, Happy Halloween! I hope everyone gets to splurge on some candy tonight :)


October was a pretty good month, no five star reads but when I think back on it, it felt like a satisfying month. As my Start a New Series month, I read some pretty good books. I, of course, ran into a series that made me lose my mind and I had to read more than one, Fever by Karen Marie Moning. It was a wild ride and something that probably happens every October as I have no self-control but dang, what a series. I definitely recommend for fantasy/supernatural/romance fans out there.


Links are to my reviews or the book page if I didn't write one and my October - Start a New Series are in italics.



5 stars - 0

4.5 stars - 0

4 stars - 3

3.5 stars - 7

3.3 stars - 1

3 stars - 4

2.5 stars - 0

2 stars - 3

1.5 stars - 1

1 star - 0


Total - 19


A couple more than last couple months, probably due to the aforementioned craziness with the Fever series and a couple novellas. No really high rated books but more middle of the road, which is better than last months group of 2 stars. ARCs kind of let me down but my Start a New Series selections were pretty great. November reading has some competition! 








3.5 stars - Goddess of Fire by Bharti Kirchner


3.3 stars - I Spy a Duke #1 Covert Heiresses by Erica Monroe


 3 stars - Lady of Intrigue by Sabrina Darby


 3 stars - To Get Me To You #1 Wishful by Kait Nolan


 3 stars - The Houseparty by Anne Stuart


 2 stars - A Christmas Surprise:  A Regency Romance by Emily Murdoch


 1.5 stars - Prisoner of Love by Cathy Skendrovich







Inspired Some Thoughts


4 stars - Faefever #3 Fever by Karen Marie Moning


 4 stars - Seduction Game #7 I-Team by Pamela Clare


 3.5 stars - Dreamfever #4 Fever by Karen Marie Moning


 3.5 stars - Shadowfever #5 Fever by Karen Marie Moning


3.5 stars - The Proposal #1 Survivor's Club by Mary Balogh


 3.5 stars - MacKenzie's Mountain #1 MacKenzie Family by Linda Howard







Just Rated


 4 stars - Darkfever # 1 Fever by Karen Marie Moning (I think I wrote a couple words about this but lost them when I switched editions on GRs :(


 3.5 stars - Bloodfever #2 Fever by Karen Marie Moning


 3.5 stars - Prince Joe #1 Tall, Dark, and Dangerous by Suzanne Brockmann


 3 stars - Falling Hard #2 Bad Boys Undercover by HelenKay Dimon


 2 stars - A Midsummer Night's Romp #2 Ainslie Brothers by Katie MacAlister


 2 stars - Suddenly One Summer #6 FBI/US Attorney by Julie James


Have a great weekend everyone!