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Stuart skews my views on a-holes

Consumed by Fire (The Fire Series) - Anne Stuart

3.3 stars


No one and I mean no one, writes assholes better than Anne Stuart. I hate myself for loving them and turning me into a damn cliche but they "ultimately have heart!", I say. No excuse, but there it is. 


The hero..anti-hero...asshole from this story crosses over the line so many times I lost count and in the beginning-ish, he says a comment about rape that would normally have me putting the book down and not finishing if Stuart didn't already have my trust as a reader, I know how her assholes work and knew what was truly going on.....or maybe Stuart has me brainwashed and scared to leave her. I don't know. I just know I loved to hate James Bishop, asshole extraordinaire. 

*Reading other books by other authors and what others consider assholes, let me clarify something, this asshole is literate, not physically abusive (does kick the heroine at one point), and not gorilla in his possessiveness. I guess I just want to say he is a grown-up asshole. There is no doubt, he's an asshole and you're going to have find these type of men redeemable in order to like this story, assholes aren't for everyone, as it should be. 


The story itself started off incredible, then started to slow down with repetitiveness of running from danger and the asshole wanting our heroine only to push her away again and again. 


I don't know what to tell you all, I'm a Stuart addict and this story's asshole was so damn easy to hate/love. Also, their first sex scene in the shower is getting stored in the ol' memory banks for future considerations. 


(Yes, I realize this isn't even a review but me trying to justify or talk through hate/loving the lead male character. But, you guys, I buried the lead,

he gave her a guard dog


(show spoiler)

 I never had a chance)