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That Man of Mine (Whispering Bay Romance Book 3) (Volume 3) - Maria Geraci



Their marriage had always been good enough the way it was. But for some reason, good enough, just wasn't enough anymore.




"How do you know how far Rusty's cousin's cabin is from here?"

The mood had now shifted from deathly quiet to deathly tense. Thick with something in the air that Mimi's lungs couldn't quite breathe in. "I...looked it up on a Facebook map," she admitted. He didn't say anything, so she felt the need to clarify. "I guess...I just wanted to know where you were at night."

He stared at her. "You want to know where you are every night?" he asked solemnly. 

"Me? Here in my house?" she said, feeling confused. Because where else would she be?

He picked up her hand and placed it against his chest. She could feel the slow but steady beat of his heart against her palm.

"You're right here with me, Mimi. Every single damn night we've been apart, you've been right here with me.


I'm usually not a fan of already married couples but this book has little devastating moments. If small town business was replaced with more interaction between our couple, this would be a five star read for me. 

Married very young, have drifted apart, strong extremely stoic waters run deep husband, and feeling lost wanting more wife. The trust between them is the strongest I've ever read between a couple and they have little moments like the one above that crack my heart.