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Started off so well

The Dark Lady - Maire Claremont

Recommended by Cherie

3.4 stars

The first 5 chapters of this was dark, gothic, and vastly intriguing but as the story went on, it lost me. Ian and Eva spend most the time running and though they internally think about their connection, until the last 20% or so when they start the touching/coming together, I didn't feel their passion for one another. The middle was greatly stretched out and the ending rushed as Eva's addiction wasn't dealt with and the asylum storyline left hanging for future books.
There's something here to the author's writing, though. She was great at creating atmosphere but her characters need a more structured plot line to follow.
The fresh take and tone for this time period has me continuing on in the series, this author's voice has me very interested.
Thanks for the rec, Cherie!