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A Gentleman's Surrender - Mariel Grey

2 stars


The beginning of the story starts with James working to set-up his revenge against Monique's family. His plan is to buy up all of the family's debt, then call it all in and then become betrothed to Monique only to leave her at the altar.It wasn't until around the 40% mark that Monique and James start to spend any significant time together, so while James was well known to me, Monique was more of a background character. The beginning felt drawn out with Monique's constant refusal to consider James as a potential mate only to feel extremely rushed with their eventual declarations of "true" love. A Gentleman's Surrender was a clean read that hit all the regency hallmarks and the author's writing was technically sound. I didn't entirely jive with the author's writing style but regency clean reads aren't always prevalent in this day and age, so if looking for that aspect, maybe give this one a try.

Full review to be posted (Dec. 27th) closer to publication date.