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November Roundup

It's the end of the month already?! Where in the world did the time go? When I try to think back on the reading month, it all seems a blur. December is my re-read month, can't wait to visit some old favorites and some plain older ones that have been forgotten in the passage of time. Also, I'm going to be crazy and stress myself out and do "The Romancies" (my version of the Oscars) again this year. I probably won't do a reading roundup for December because of how much work that is, so just be aware you won't be getting a catch-up on reviews cheat sheet. Look for the first round of awards to be awarded in the next coming weeks :)


Links are to my reviews or the book page if I didn't write one.



5 stars - 0

4.5 stars - 0

4 stars - 0

3.5 stars - 3

3.4 stars - 2

3.3 stars - 2

3 stars - 0

2.5 stars - 1

2 stars - 4

1.5 stars - 1

1 star - 2


Total - 15


A little lower total than usual but the end of the year always seems to get so incredibly busy, I'll take it! Looks like my highest rated was 3.5 stars, kind of disappointing, usually I at least have a 4 star in there somewhere. Could be I'm getting more cranky at the end of the year, haha. Here's to hoping December is better!






 3.5 stars - Dukes Prefer Blondes #4 The Dressmakers by Loretta Chase


 3.5 stars - All Chained Up #1 Devil's Rock by Sophie Jordan


 3.3 stars - A Whisper of Desire #4 Disgraced Lords by Bronwen Evans


 2 stars - A Gentleman's Surrender #2 Surrender by Mariel Grey


 2 stars - Hunted by Marissa Garner


 1 star - Heir to the Duke #1 Duke's Sons by Jane Ashford







Inspired Some Thoughts


 3.5 stars - That Man of Mine #3 Whispering Bay Romances by Maria Geraci


 3.4 stars - The Dark Lady #1 Mad Passions by Maire Claremont


 3.3 stars - Consumed by Fire #1 Fire by Anne Stuart


 2.5 stars - Lady in Red #2 Mad Passions by Maire Claremont


 1 star - The Assassin's Curse #1 Assassin's Curse by Cassandra Rose Clarke







Just Rated


 3.4 stars - Reaper's Fall #5 Reaper's MC by Joanna Wylde


 2 stars - Dead By Midnight #7.5 I-Team by Pamela Clare


 2 stars - Ride Steady #3 Chaos by Kristen Ashley


 1.5 stars - Hidden Heart #1 Windy City by Measha Stone



Hope everyone had a great reading month and will meet all their reading goals in December!