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Kill Without Mercy - Alexandra Ivy

2.5 stars

Annie was one of the more level headed heroines usually found in romantic suspense books. She took Rafe's advice and listened to his expertise but still exhibited strength of character. Rafe was a non-arrogant alpha; he was bossy but not misogynistic in his attitude towards Annie. There were times though, that I could feel myself side-eyeing how obliviously controlling he could be.I wouldn't say Annie and Rafe's relationship was insta-love or lust but insta-connection; they are just immediately together. With Rafe's surety that Annie would go along with all his plans for them, it eliminated some of the excitement of the two coming together. While I found the romance to be weaker, the murder mystery was the strongest part of the story for me. It was interesting with the author showing you first where the details of the serial murders had landed and then going back and showing you how/why they landed that way, thus connecting the dots and telling the true story. The romance part of this story was simplistic but if you're looking for more of a mystery than suspense, this was a good “figure it out and connect the dots” read.

Full review to be posted (Dec 19th) closer to publication date.