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Mercury Striking - Rebecca Zanetti

2.5 stars


As book one in a new romantic suspense apocalyptic series, this started off into the action right away, so much so I felt pretty lost for most of the beginning. There is apparently a novella that actually starts off the series and begins the world building in regards to the deadly disease Scorpius being discovered, unleashed, and its effect on the world. I would highly suggest reading that first so you don't feel as left behind as I did reading this one. There was more telling of our heroine's toughness, escaping her imprisonment and making her way across what is left of the United States to Jax in L.A. but not a lot of showing. In fact, a lot of instances happen "off screen" with characters talking about them later. Jax had more of a backstory than what is usually afforded typical alpha heroes but his character, too, felt forced. They did have good interplay with each other but there was a lot happening in this story to interrupt them. The story appeared to be fighting with itself as to if it wanted to be a romance, suspense, or end of days book; the parts weren't always cohesive.

Full review to be posted (Jan. 20th) closer to publication date.