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I hated the heroine...everyone else loved her :/

You're the Earl That I Want (The Lords of Worth) - Kelly Bowen

Not one of my friends has rated this below 4 stars, so I guess take what I say with a grain of salt and remember, different strokes for different folks :)

I really liked the second book in this series A Good Rogue is Hard to Find and I really did not like this one.

What pretty much killed it for me was the heroine. Look I love a good strong woman but I also like Historical romance. These two aspects can definitely co-exist but please don't put a contemporary woman in a historical setting, which I feel is what happened here. Joss was "cool girl" to the nth degree with can't understand why people would not get her, reads books so much she becomes an expert in everything (she was well traveled ((which now that I think about it, was that ever fully explained?)) but come on, I was just waiting for the "I read a medical book, now I can cure cancer"), and all around personality and actions made the hero look like a schlub. I found her incredibly annoying and towards the end of the book when she drops the line "What the hell, Hextall?" I just turned the page because I was immune to it all by then; normally such a line would have me at least muttering a "c'mon man!".

I've mentioned the schlub hero and frankly, don't have much to say about ol' Heath. He was aggressively pushed out of the story by Joss. He liked Joss but wanted a "normal" wife, he spends most of the book literally and figuratively dancing around with another woman who he thinks should be his wife and having Joss save his butt.

The suspense storyline of hidden treasure with villainous Frenchman was pretty fantastical and due to me employing some speed reading tactics, I'm not sure I connected all the dots.

One of the characters from A Good Rogue is Hard to Find, who also makes an appearance here, was my Best Secondary character of 2015, so I'll give the next Bowen book a chance. I just could not get over how much I loathed this heroine.