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A Bewitching Christmas by Amanda J. Greene

A Bewitching Christmas - Amanda J. Greene

At a little under one hundred pages, this novella starts off the Under Realm Assassins series. Readers are introduced to a world where supernatural beings are all aware of one another but still exist undercover. Cole is a vampire and an Under Realm Assassin, a group even whispered about by the other supernatural and Analette is a witch from one of the most powerful families. This started off really interesting with dangerous and mysterious Cole on the hunt and Analette breezing in shaking up his world. Their attraction happens pretty quickly but in a novella, that is unavoidable. I did like our two characters together, though. Their first encounter had good back and forth, their bedroom scenes had some heat, and overall, there was a certain magnetism to them. As the first in the series, it laid out an interesting world of supernaturals and the Under Realm Assassins that lurk below the surface.

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