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Accidentally in Love with the Biker - Teri Anne Stanley
3.3 stars

A quick fast read, Accidentally in Love with the Biker delivers what it promises with it’s cute title and flirty cover. It's mostly adorable with some good humor, (I love when romance writers can good naturally poke fun at themselves and the genre) steamy sex scenes, and a few times of delving into bigger issues. Our couple were just plain fun to read about. Their conversations and by-play kept the pace going and a grin appearing regularly on my face. The secondary characters were a little more cliché with Kelli’s over-the-top frenemie. I would have graded this closer to four stars but the last thirty percent or so felt rushed, even as it started to feel drawn out. All in all, though, this book serves its purpose. It was light, funny, and entertained me for a few hours. There are some great scenes at the romance book/writers convention, there’s an appearance of two bisexual wereparrots, that are guaranteed to make you laugh.

Full review to be posted (Feb. 2) closer to publication.