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Wee bit of been there done that

The MacKinnon's Bride - Tanya Anne Crosby

One of the downfalls of reading books in the same genre for a little over twenty years, is the repetitive feel they sometimes get. This wasn't bad but it definitely had a been there done that feel to it; it had faint echoes of a Scottish Garwood. 


Along with the nothing new feeling I had, the insta-lust and the immature heroine had me skimming some pages. The story arcs of the villain feeling wronged and Page's father not wanting her were ok along with the developing romance between Iain and Page but again, not particularly original. There was never an anticipation or feeling of fun to their journey. 


This was a kindle freebie for me and because the writing and grammar was good, I'd say if you're not an old hat to romances, this is definitely worth the free download.