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"She thought it over, but couldn’t see any immediate loopholes other than the threat of her inner slut emerging, and she could darned well control that little bitch."— Susan Elizabeth Phillips

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Extreme Exposure - Alex Kingwell

He handed her a folding knife from his pocket. "If anybody comes near you, use it. The blade's not very long, but it's sharp as hell."
Swearing under her breath, she glared at him. Who did her think he was, acting like a drill sergeant? He'd saved her life, sure, but that didn't mean he could boss her around, treat her like some boot camp recruit.



Petulant bratty heroines in romantic suspense, I'm DONE with


To clarify a bit, all he did was give her a knife for protection as he was about to scout ahead or something to that effect. He didn't talk down or was rude, I have no idea where her attitude is coming from :/