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The Cajun Cowboy - Sandra Hill

He was lying flat on his back. Charmaine was plastered all over him like honey on a hot rock, and he meant that in the best possible way. Her face was nestled in his chest hairs. One leg had wedged itself between his thighs with her knee resting up against his… well, what a more poetic person might have called his Longfellow. The steady breath of her deep sleep against his heart brought tears to his eyes. For a long time, he'd needed to hold her like this, more than he'd realized.


I can't help but say this hero is sex on a stick.The Cajun dialect by some characters is a bit much for my northern self but on the flip side, the sayings are pretty delightful...even when they don't fully make sense viewed through a Yankee lens. I would enjoy this story a lot more if the constant inner thoughts weren't added, it breaks up the flow of the story for me