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Reblogged from Rachel's books:

I been wanting to do a giveaway for while.  So this (I thought) would be something unique. Maybe:-)


Winner will get the March theme box from the Ever After Box.  No theme announced yet for March.

(Curated by authors Shawntelle Madison and Jeannie Lin)

For more info see:


I treated myself to the Feb box "Sweet Tooth" box, and it had:  Sweet Disorder by Rose Lerner (Trade and with a bookmark), heart cookie cutter with recipe, tarot deck from Mindy Klasky (advertising her book Fright Court), ebook "All For You" by Laura Florand, color your own conversation hearts, candle, and a cupcake "bath bomb."  (to have an idea of what the box could have, it looks like Feb was the first (regular) box).

I want the "Keep Calm and Hoard Books" coffee mug.  If they include that in a future book.  The examples are interesting and I want!


Unfortunately, they are only shipping the the US.  If you are overseas, you can still enter. If the winner if from somewhere other than the US, you will win a book of your choice from the Book Depository (as long as they ship to your country- they currently advertise shipping worldwide).

So, if the winner is from the US:  Ever After Box

Everywhere else:  book of choice from Book Depository


Deadline to enter is Feb 29th (how often do I get to write that!?)  I was going to do March 1st, but I forgot this is a leap year.


To enter, leave a comment.