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I have no idea what I was doing but I somehow reset all the settings on my blog. 


I don't even know. Seriously.


Anyway, I tried to look on the bright side of things and be all like "You needed to update your look, girl!" 

I have to use the freebie themes because I'm poor and dumb with making my own. After three hours I think I have sort of the look I'm trying to go for.


But, I can't remember how I changed the font, script and color, like I did on the old blog. I tried to mess with the html but yeah, haahahahahahahahhaah, that was a no go on my own.


I tried looking back at the wonderful helpful tutorials that others had put up that helped me last time but the pictures are all gone on them and it seems Booklikes has changed enough that they might not be helpful.


Is there any recent tutorials that you all could point me to? SilverThistle and Anne's seem to be out of date.


Here's a puppy and a hot dude in thanks for reading about my dumbness