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March Roundup

I haven't done a review of my reviews (ha!) since November but my lazy butt decided it was time to get back at it. It's amazing how busy Dec - Feb gets with the year winding down and revving back up. So far my highest rated book has been Neanderthal Seeks Human by Penny Reid at 4.5 stars, so no 5 stars yet but I think the year has started off pretty good. March was part of my finish a series month (those titles are in cursive) and I managed to mark a couple off my list, which feels like quite the accomplishment, I live a simple life ;)


As always, links are to my review or the book page if I didn't write one.


5 stars - 0

4.5 stars - 0

4.3 stars - 1

4 stars - 0

3.5 stars - 2


3 stars - 1

2.5 stars - 3

2 stars - 2

1.5 stars - 0

1 star - 2


Total - 11


Eleven doesn't seem like a lot of books for me but life has been really busy so, I think I did a good job cramming as much in as I could. Looking back at the ratings, it seems like I had more of a lower rated month but the books that were good, were good enough to erase the bad. Or maybe Spring is here and I'm just feeling happy and looking at the brighter side of things :)






 4.3 stars - To Lure a Proper Lady #1 Duke Defying Daughters by Ashlyn Macnamara


 3 stars - The Wayward One #5 de Montforte Brothers by Danelle Harmon


 2.5 stars - Dangerous to Know #1 Unbroken Heroes by Dawn Ryder





Inspired Some Thoughts


 3.5 stars - Kiss Me While I Sleep #3 CIA Spies by Linda Howard


 3.5 stars - A Gentleman's Game #1 Romance of the Turf by Theresa Romain


 1 star - Devil's Embrace #1 Devil Duology by Catherine Coulter





Just Rated


 2.5 stars - The Awakening #5 Alliance Vampires by Heather Graham


 2.5 stars - Born of Ice #3 The League by Sherrilyn Kenyon


 2 stars - The Beautiful Stranger #3 Rogues of Regent Street by Julia London


 2 stars - Not Always a Saint #7 Lost Lords by Mary Jo Putney


 1 star - Alaskan Renegade #2 Alaska by Kate Bridges





Hope everyone had a good month and wishing the best for April!