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Everything and the kitchen sink

Lone Rider (The Montana Hamiltons) - B.J. Daniels

This story was crazy packed full of povs, story arcs, and left dangling threads. Brain wiping, ex-cons, militia survivalists, presidential candidates, amnesia, conniving wives, gossipy sleuth wives, murders, second chance loves, missing foundation money, helicopter crashes, geeky baristas, and tons more that my feeble exhausted brain can't remember. 


What is supposed to be the main couple (I guess?!?) has the hero going up to the mountains to find his ex-girlfriend that was supposed to be back from a camping trip. The heroine was taken captive by a crazy escaped convict, not on the run with her foundation's money as the hero thinks. Her mother apparently showed up a few weeks ago after having disappeared 22yrs ago (they thought she drowned herself) but can't remember the last 22 yrs of her life. The guy who found her and she is staying with, thinks her husband, who is running for President of the United States, had her brain wiped because she has secrets on him. The husband seems to still have feelings for the disappearing wife but his current wife does a lot of shady dealings and seems to have a shady background herself. There's a sheriff trying to make sense of it all (me too, buddy!) and the hero's sister learning to date nice men while possibly dealing with a stalker sent by her jailed ex-boyfriend who thinks her daughter is his, it's not, it's a mystery upstanding mans. None of the storylines I mentioned get a conclusion, except our hero and heroine decide to rekindle their romance, everything else must continue into the next book. One can only hope the brainwiping is explained there. 


I have probably not relayed anything that makes sense and there is probably many more storylines I've forgotten (Wait, I almost forgot! The heroine's mother has a tattoo on her butt, she didn't know anything about it, and it's thought to be a pendulum and related to the occult! So add possible occult shenanigans to the fray). It was insane. I'd consider this zero to very minimal romance, way more suspense/mystery. I'd also highly suggest reading the first in the series so you don't feel as lost as I was. This was a speedy berserk train ride, y'all.