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April Roundup

I wanted to improve on only reading eleven books last month and hey, I did! I read thirteen this month :/ It's a decent number but I usually like to be closer to twenty (especially since I kind of cheated and included two books that I technically finished in May). I went from having at least one book in the four star range to zero this month, my highest rated being 3.5. Feels a little bleak, I hope May treats me a little better. 


May is my Random Number Generator Month! I'm so excited, I usually get a couple books that I forgot were even on my tbr. 



Links are to my review or the book page if I didn't write one.


5 stars - 0

4.5 stars - 0

4 stars - 0

3.5 stars - 3

3.3 stars - 1

3 stars - 0

2.7 stars - 1

2.5 stars - 3

2 stars - 4

1.5 stars - 1

1 star - 0


Total - 13





 3.3 stars - The Trouble with Temptation #2 The McKays by Shiloh Walker


 2.5 stars - Mad About the Marquess #2 Highland Brides by Elizabeth Essex


 2 stars - Lana and the Highlander #3 Untamed Highlanders by Sabrina York



Inspired Some Thoughts


 3.5 stars - Sweetest Scoundrel #9 Maiden Lane by Elizabeth Hoyt


 3.5 stars - Harlot #2 Bartered Hearts by Victoria Dahl


 2.5 stars - Lone Rider #2 Montana Hamiltons by B.J. Daniels


 2 stars - The Match of the Century #1 Marrying the Duke by Cathy Maxwell


 2 stars - The Scoundrel and the Debutante #3 Cabot Sisters by Julia London


 1.5 stars - The Curse of Lord Stanstead #1 Order of the M.U.S.E. by Mia Marlowe


Just Rated


 3.5 stars - Hard to Let Go #4 Hard Ink by Laura Kaye


 2.7 stars - Full Throttle #7 Black Knights Inc. by Julie Ann Walker


 2.5 stars - Temperance #4 Defiance by Stephanie Tyler


 2 stars - Better When He's Brave #3 Welcome to the Point by Jay Crownover



Hope your April showers are over and your May flowers are blooming!

Happy Reading :)