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A wee bit off-putting

I get emails fairly regularly asking for reviews and usually if they are, what I call off-putting, I delete and move on with my day. I would have done that here but I received the same email twice in one day (about 5hrs apart) and it made my eye twitch enough that I thought I would put a little PSA out there.

*should be noted that what is off-putting to me, may not be so to the next person


If you (author or publisher) want to simply alert me to your book, meaning not provide an ARC for review, completely fine and if you want to offer an ARC for review, completely fine. However, when you combine the two into one email, it feels like you are trying to, I don't know guilt? make me feel cheap, if I want the ARC. 



The "verified purchaser" and calling it more "valuable" is extremely off-putting, especially when you are emailing a blogger/reviewer who deals with a fair amount of ARCs. 

Also, please adhere to the old re-read for mistakes in your writing. Rightly or wrongly, it's a turn off to wanting to read your (not sure if they are using the royal "we" or if it is the author pretending to be a publisher) book.


Just your afternoon mini-rant for the day!