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May Roundup

I had a 4.5 starred read this month! 



I'm also far behind in reading, expect some speedy reviews. The librarian let me hold a book one day longer than I was supposed to. Shhh, don't tell anyone! May was my Random Number Generator month and because of the aforementioned behind-ness, I feel like I hardly got to pick a lot of books for it; only 3! :(. So, I'm extending it to the month of June! 

(all the screaming and excitement finished?)

Ok, on to June!


Links are to my review or the book page if I didn't write one and the Random Number Generator picks are in italics. 


5 stars - 0

4.5 stars - 1

4 stars - 0

3.5 stars - 3

3 stars - 4

2.7 stars - 1

2.5 stars - 2

2 stars - 3

1.5 stars - 0

1 star - 1


Total - 15


More reads I liked and leaning more towards the higher end, I'll take it!




  3.5 stars - Deception Island by Brynn Kelly


  3 stars - The Beast of Clan Kincaid #1 Highland Warrior by Lily Blackwood


  2.5 stars - Barley Breathing #1 Colorado High Country by Pamela Clare


Inspired Some Thoughts


  4.5 stars - Claiming Her #1 Outlaws by Kris Kennedy


  3.5 stars - Cease and Desist #4 IMA by Nenia Campbell


  3.5 stars - The Stolen MacKenzie Bride #8 MacKenzies & McBrides by Jennifer Ashley


  3 stars - Every Little Kiss #2 Harvest Cove by Kendra Leigh Castle


  3 stars - Tall, Dark, and Wicked #2 Wicked Trilogy by Madeline Hunter


  3 stars - Falling Into Bed with a Duke #1 Hellions of Havisham by Lorraine Heath


  2.5 stars - The Lady Plays Her Ace #4 Langley Sisters by Wendy Vella 


 2 stars - The Scoundrel and the Debutante #3 Cabot Sisters by Julia London


  1 star - The Highlander Takes a Bride #3 Highlander by Lynsay Sands


Just Rated


  2.7 stars - Full Throttle #7 Black Knights Inc. by Julie Anne Walker


  2 stars - Vipers Rule #2 Skulls Creek by Stephanie Tyler


  2 stars - Rescue Me #2 Shelter Me by Catherine Mann


Happy June reading!