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June Roundup

I feel soooo ahead of the game, posting my roundup in the actual month it's about! What's that? It's the last day of the month? I still claim VICTORY. 

If you remember (I'm sure you all do as I'm sure you all lived daily for this), I extended my May Random Number Generator picks to June. Well, it sort of worked as I read 3 RNG picks, kind of pitiful. I was super pleasantly surprised by The Dimple of Doom and if you like off kilter humor, would recommend. July is the month I check out the recommendations you all give me and think I just ignore. The pressure is on all of you, hope you recommended me some great ones! 


Links are to my review or the book page if I didn't write one and the Random Number Generator picks are in italics. 


5 stars - 1

4.5 stars - 0

4 stars - 3

3.7 stars - 1

3.5 stars - 3

3.3 stars - 2

3 stars - 1

2.5 stars - 4

2 stars - 2

1.5 stars - 0

1 star - 1


Total - 18


I had some really great reads this month and I'm happy with the 18 total, I think I'm right on track for my reading goal for the year :)


*Now, I know you all are seeing that 1 beside the 5 star rating and gasping. What?! I know all of you follow me OBSESSIVELY and don't remember me talking about getting the forever elusive 5 star rating. Let me explain. Even though, again, I know you all follow me OBSESSIVELY, I'll remind you that usually once or twice a year I trade kindles with a friend. Our reading taste collide in the romance genre and then diverge in the sub-genres. You'll see a bunch of sub-genre books I usually don't read, that I just rated in this list and those would be that. My five star read came from this bunch, Asking For It by Lilah Pace. This is why I switch with the friend and it's good to expand your horizons. This book, it was holy hell hot, holy hell thought provoking, holy hell challenging, and holy hell good. I raced through it and also being on someone else's kindle I didn't take notes or do reading updates. Maybe someday I'll try to unpack all my emotions and thoughts about it but for now, you only get the 5 star rating. Sorry, Charlie. 





 4 stars - Forevermore #7 Darkest London by Kristen Callihan


 3 stars - It's In His Smile #3 Red River Valley Shelly Alexander


 2.5 stars - Beauty and the Highland Beast #1 Highland Fairy Tale by Lecia Cornwall





Inspired Some Thoughts


 3.7 stars - The Darkest Hour #1 KGI by Maya Banks


 3.5 stars - The Dimple of Doom #1 Samantha Lytton by Lucy Woodhull


 3.5 stars - Axel #3 Jaded Gentleman by Grace Burrowes


 3.3 stars - The Art of Taming a Rake #4 Legendary Lovers 
by Nicole Jordan


 3.3 stars - The Winter Sea #1 Slains by Susanna Kearsley


 2.5 stars - Lord Dashwood Missed Out #4.5 Spindle Cove by Tessa Dare


 2 stars - The Study of Seduction #2 Sinful Suitors by Sabrina Jeffries





Just Rated


 5 stars - Asking For It #1 Asking For It by Lilah Pace


  4 stars - Controlled Burn #2 Boston Fire by Shannon Stacey


 4 stars - Begging For It #2 Asking For It by Lilah Pace


  3.5 stars - Heat Exchange #1 Boston Fire by Shannon Stacey


 2.5 stars - Flawed #1 The Butcher by Francette Phal


 2.5 stars - Too Hard To Handle #8 Black Knights INC by Julie Ann Walker


 2 stars - King #1 King by T.M. Frazier


 1 star - Sinister Kisses #1 SKALs by Adriana Noir




Any delightful reading surprises for any of you in June?


May your July reads make you swelter more than the weather