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August Roundup

Shoving August out the door just a wee bit early (the excitement of Halloween Bingo is too much for me to handle)! August was my "Kindle Freebies" month and while there wasn't anything that caused me to take an ad out in the paper, they were overall ok and none that made me want to swear off reading forever. Win! September is my Singles month (books not in a series, but really just ones that I got from garage sales before GRs and didn't know they were in series :/ ) and I can't wait to discover some hidden gems. 

I'm excited to follow along with everyone's Halloween Bingo reads! I'll be participating but I have quite a few arcs to get through for September (I'm going to do my best to clean them all up so I can have October free) but I'm still playing along, if a bit slowly :)



Links are to my review or the book page if I didn't write one and the Kindle Freebies are in italics. 


5 stars - 0

4.5 stars - 0

4 stars - 2

3.5 stars - 1

3.3 stars - 1

3 stars - 5

2.5 stars - 2

2 stars - 8

1.5 stars - 0

1 star - 2


Total - 21


Improved on the amount of books I read from last month but it was kind of a disappointing month with quality, 8 "ok" books is a bit sad. Hoping September is better!





  3.5 stars - Mad for the Plaid #3 The Oxenburg Princes by Karen Hawkins


  3 stars - The Protector by Jodi Ellen Malpas


  2.5 stars - Run to You #1 Risking It All by Rachel Lacey


  2 stars - Meant to Be Mine #1 Guilty Pleasures by Lisa Marie Perry




Inspired Some Thoughts


  4 stars - Irresistibly Yours #1 Oxford by Lauren Kayne


  4 stars - True Pretenses #2 Lively St. Lemenston by Rose Lerner


  3.3 stars - The Rogue Not Taken #1 Scandal & Scoundrel by Sarah MacLean


  2.5 stars - Phenomenal X #1 Hard Knocks by Michelle A. Valentine


  2 stars - A Vow to Keep #1 Vengeance Trilogy by Lana Williams


  2 stars - Make It A Double #2 Last Call by Sawyer Bennett


  1 star - To Kiss A Kilted Warrior #3 Claimed by the Highlander by Rowan Keats




Just Rated


  3 stars - Reaper's Fire #6 Reapers MC by Joanna Wylde


  3 stars - Assassin's Promise #5 Red Team by Elaine Levine


  3 stars - Kit & Ivy:  A Red Team Novella #3.5 Red Team by Elaine Levine


  3 stars - Edge of Danger #4 Deadly Ops by Katie Reus


  2 stars - Ty & Eden:  A Red Team Novella #4.5 Red Team by Elaine Levine


  2 stars - War Bringer #6 Red Team by Elaine Levine


  2 stars - The Knave of Hearts #5 Rhymes with Love by Elizabeth Boyle


  2 stars - The Raider #4 Montgomery/Taggert by Jude Deveraux


  2 stars - To the Lady Born by Kathryn Le Veque


  1 star - Carolina Blues #4 Dare Island by Virginia Kantra



Hope everyone has their hoodies, pumpkin spice, and horror books ready!