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Kyraryker’s quotes

"She thought it over, but couldn’t see any immediate loopholes other than the threat of her inner slut emerging, and she could darned well control that little bitch."— Susan Elizabeth Phillips


Envious Casca - Georgette Heyer

Inspector Hemingway is on to us, gals!


"You don't think this was a woman's job, sir, do you?" asked the Sergeant incredulously.

"Might have been. Don't you go getting a lot of silly ideas into your head about women! I've known some who'd have put a cageful of tigers to shame."


Also, your "Gawd, Stephen!" eye-roll moment,


"There are two bequests," said Blyth. "Miss Paula Herriard inherits fifteen thousand pounds, Mr. Joseph Herriad, ten thousand pounds. The residue, including the house and estate, is left to Mr. Stephen Herriad, unconditionally."

There was a moments silence. Stephen jerked his head round to stare at his uncle. "What in hell's name did you do that for?" he asked angrily.


Look for a slew of "Inherits thousands. Bitches about it." Stephen memes to be hitting the internet shortly.