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Rabbit Hole series

A Hunger Like No Other - Kresley Cole

The Lykae and vampires were natural-born enemies---had been since the first nebulous chaos of the Lore.

Blood adversaries.




Embarrassing tidbit about Whiskey, I can't shake my love of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. What a horrible message to send out to little girls and boys but there you have it, I'll be there opening night when the live action movie comes out. 


A Hunger Like No Other, yeah, it's pretty much Beauty and the Beast, sexified. Sure, there's a whole Lore world with valkyries, wraiths, ghouls, demons, and of course, our vampires and werewolves but that whole world is a bit messily relayed. It seems the Accession is about to go down and that means all our paranormal factions are gearing up to fight with the goal to become the #1 paranormal group. A whole slew of characters are introduced and glancing at the Long series page, they're all going to get their own stories. 


Emma is our vampire but also slash valykrie and Lachlain is our werewolf. Lachlain was chained and burned (werewolves are immortal so he could heal himself) for 150 yrs but when he scents his mate (Emma!) he breaks free, our fierce Beast. Emma is fairly young (only 70yrs to Lachlains 1200) and has been incredibly sheltered, so she's our uber innocent Beauty. Emma is annoying with her brattiness and Lachlain is severely side-eye inducing with his controlling and lying but there was something compelling about their relationship. The writing is good, if a little immature and the world building definitely needs to be organized and flushed out more, but as this is first in the series, I have hopes the author will mature and gain her stride.


Whether it was the Beauty and the Beast feel to it or the writing/story itself, I couldn't make myself stop reading and I plan on reading the rest in the series. 


So, I looked ahead to see the next books in the series and the next three would work for Bingo squares, I may just ride and die with this series for a while, lol. I'm getting flashbacks to when I devoured the first 5 books in the Fever series.