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Deadly Silence by Rebecca Zanetti

Deadly Silence - Rebecca Zanetti

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

When Zara's law firm hired The Lost Bastards Investigative Agency, she had no idea the path her life was about to take. Ryker knows it’s extremely dangerous to get close to anyone but Zara reaches a place inside of him he didn't know could exist. As Zara works to help her friend going through a divorce and Ryker is trying to find a serial killer, a new danger involving Ryker's past starts to creep closer. More questions are being asked than there are answers and Zara and Ryker are going to have to decide if they're safer together or apart.

Just who in the hell was Ryker Jones?

A spin-off of the Sin Brothers series, Deadly Silence starts us off with a new set of heroes in Blood Brothers. I have not read any books from the Sin Brothers series (you can guarantee I will be rectifying that) and I wouldn't say it would be a requirement to have done so to start this series. If you have read books from Sin you would have prior knowledge of what the origins of Ryker and his brothers Heath and Denver are but as a newbie, the author did a great job of delaying the knowledge to create mystery and suspense but giving the reader enough at the right times to keep from feeling lost. Now, this book on its own, let me restate the immortal words of Samuel L. Jackson in Jurassic Park, "Hold on to your butts." There is some mad story happening here.

From day one, she'd tasted danger on his tongue, and it burned her hotter than she'd ever been.

The three main story threads were the continuing hunt for a serial killer, Zara's friend going through a divorce, and the three brother's past coming back to haunt them; there is so much happening but for the most part, the author pulls it off. Zara's friend, the divorce, the danger, and the murder mystery that stems from that was probably the weakest and the one I would have shortened way down to streamline. It initially works to get our couple together but the murder mystery fell somewhat flat without room or time to flush out the secondary characters involved with it. I think what kept all the storylines from feeling overwhelming was the author's great use of Heath and Denver, Ryker's brothers. The serial killer plot is the most on the peripheral and Heath mainly deals with that one while the brother's past and origins, with the added character of Greg, starts off smaller with Denver mainly dealing with it until it slowly gains momentum (second half of book) and becomes the main focus by the end with everyone involved. This delegating of story threads kept secondary characters involved while organizing all the plot points.

"You want everything," she countered, trying to make sense of the rioting feelings inside her.
He grinned then, his eyes remaining sober. "I'll get it, too."

With all those story plots happening, our main couple's romance did suffer a bit. We're started off with Zara and Ryker already having a sexual relationship, even though they both started it with the expectations of keeping it casual, so I missed seeing and feeling the building of attraction. I did have some problems connecting with Ryker as he came off a little stiff and distant. I get with his background why he might come off that way to Zara but as the reader, I want to feel more of him in order to care and connect. There was also a little bit of wooden alpha to him at times with his "must protect you" regarding Zara repeating over and over. Zara was a solid heroine with small amounts of little lost girl and then a tad bit fantastical butt-kicking heroine antics towards the end. I would have liked more emotional moments from the two regarding them coming together; again, it's all about the journey for me. If steamy hot bedroom scenes are your thing, you won't be disappointed; Zara and Ryker bring the heat. No complaints there.

"Trust me like I trust you."

Even with so much going on I thought the author nailed the pacing and tone, there were some repetitive scenes/lines but overall, you won't want to put the book down. The romance takes somewhat of a hit but the comprehensive story makes up for it with its intriguing story plots and wide cast of characters. This doesn't end on a strict cliffhanger but if you read this, you're signing up for a shady genetics military program, a hunt for a serial killer, and following along with a trio of brothers who are trying to make sense of it all while trying not to fall in love. I'm on the bandwagon and can't wait to read the next in the series starring Heath.