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Kyraryker’s quotes

"She thought it over, but couldn’t see any immediate loopholes other than the threat of her inner slut emerging, and she could darned well control that little bitch."— Susan Elizabeth Phillips


The Monk - Carmina M. Dragomir, Matthew Gregory Lewis, Colin J.E. Lupton

This is the longest and most eloquent F*ck You! I might have ever read:


Then casting upon the Abbot a frantic look, 'Hear me!' She continued; 'Man of an hard heart! Hear me, Proud, Stern, and Cruel! You could have saved me; you could have restored me to happiness and virtue, but would not! You are the destroyer of my Soul; You are my Murderer, and on you fall the curse of my death and my unborn Infants! Insolent in your yet-unshaken virtue, you disdained the prayers of a Penitent; But God will show mercy, though you show none. And where is the merit of your boasted virtue? What temptations have you vanquished? Coward! you have fled from it, not opposed seduction. But the day of Trial will arrive! Oh! then when you yield to Impetuous passions! when you feel that Man is weak, and born to err; When shuddering you look back upon your crimes, and solicit with terror the mercy of your God, Oh! in that fearful moment think upon me! Think upon your Cruelty! Think upon Agnes, and despair of pardon!


My new pick-up line:


I look upon you as a Saint; Prove to me that you are no more than Man, and I quit you with disgust.


You've got yourself a stage 5 clinger there, Father,


'Father, I will never quit these Walls alive!'

'Hold! Hold, Matilda What would you do?'

'You are determined, so am I:  The Moment that you leave me, I plunge this Steel in my heart.'