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Happily Bedded Bliss: The Rakes of Cavendish Square - Tracy Anne Warren Having not read the others in the series or other books by this author, the beginning of this with all the past characters from other books gave it a really rough start for me; the huge cast dominated and stole away from the hero and heroine. The hero was probably a more realistic man of his times than we sometimes see in romance and I do think the relationship with the heroine changed him for the better but we never really got to see that. Sometimes his older man of the world clashed uncomfortably with her young naive heart of gold but in the second half, when they were together, they played off each other well. They don't really spend a lot of time together and with some time skips we are only told, they have a fun teasing relationship develop instead of seeing it. I definitely was left wanting with seeing and experiencing them together. Their ending fight was so ridiculous and a major much to do about nothing and made it eye-rolling frustrating, making me end with a less than pleased feeling. Overall, I liked the writer's style and flow but I definitely needed the couple to spend more time together. I'll be trying this author again :)