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Task the Third: The Holiday Party


- Make something that is considered party food where you are from, and post a picture of it on booklikes.



I was supposed to go to a friend's house tonight for a little gathering but I'm too raw to be around unknown variables (I don't know some of her other friends) so I'm staying home and eating all the appetizers I planned on sharing. I'm going to share this with my dog instead.

Sweet potato casserole was always a staple for Thanksgiving and Christmas get together in my Midwest home.


Sweet Potato Casserole Bites



I'm of the mind that sweet potatoes should be a food group, I'm not kidding y'all, I freaking love sweet potato. I try to find any meal I can incorporate it in and basically white knuckle through the year until November and December where it becomes more acceptable to gorge on this amazing food. 



I would eat actual sweet potato casserole everyday if calories didn't exist, the favorite one I make has butter for days, my darlins! When I came upon this recipe that has no butter, made it snack size, and finger food, I about squealed myself into a faint. I didn't make them as "pretty" I as I would have if going to the get together, I was more focused on how much marshmallow I could "reasonably" fit on the sweet potato slice. I'm happy to report they are yummy. Bonus:  They are a breeze to make! If you're craving some sweet potato goodness, I highly recommend :)


Hope you all are enjoying your weekend and can't wait to steal some party recipes from you all!