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Y'all, I can find a romance genre book for ANYTHING. I thought the Halloween bingo might be a challenge but I was able to find romance books for the squares I wanted to and that made me drunk with power. For the 12 festival tasks I have set the parameters that it, of course, has to meet the task and be set during the holidays or very least winter time. Now, I know I've only completed one reading task but....



Task the Second:  The Silent Nights:


- Read a book set in one of the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, and/or Denmark), where winter nights are long! 


I found a romance story for this! Granted, this is an anthology, but the last story takes place in Iceland over the holidays. I'm going to just go ahead and read the full book, but really, I already had this in my collection! I truly have a romance story for every occasion.

(She says as there are still 9 more tasks to find books for)