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Task the Sixth: The Hanukkah


- Make a traditional Hanukkah food like doughnuts or potato latkes. Post a picture, or tell us how they turned out!


I, obviously, went the doughnut route :)


Hanukkah Bimuelo Fritters 




Trying to make cute little ball shapes quickly went out the window for me, especially when I burnt myself (when I pulled the spoon out, I fumbled it, and when I went to catch it, I grabbed the part that had sunk into the hot oil. I was not pleased. 



I'm a baked, not fried, kind of gal. I think I didn't have the oil hot enough at first and the first couple came out more soft instead of the nice crispy shell.



I was a little disappointed in how, ummm, alien splat? they were turning out to look and the bf helpfully, said they had nice "wing" handles to hold onto for dipping purposes :/




The recipe provides a chocolate sauce one, a very sweet one the bf enjoyed, but I put warmed honey on mine. 

They were a great late night snack :)