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The 12 Tasks of the Festive Season - Halfway point


I just hit the midway point for the 12 Tasks (still no bingo ;)

Just click on the task to be taken to the post completing it.



Task the First:  The Winter Wonderland:



- Read a book that is set in a snowy place.


- If you are lucky enough to live in a snowy place, or even if you aren't, take a walk outside and post a picture of something pretty you encountered on your way! 



Task the Second:  The Silent Nights:



- Read a book set in one of the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, and/or Denmark), where winter nights are long!  


- Get your hygge on! Hygge is a Danish concept that relates to being content and cozy. Put on your fuzziest socks, light a candle, and spend some time (reading) in front of the fireplace or your coziest nook. Post a picture if you want! 



Task the Third:  The Holiday Party:




- Read a book where a celebration is a big part of the action. Examples would include holiday parties, country house hunting/weekend parties, weddings, etc. 


- Make something that is considered party food where you are from, and post a picture of it on booklikes. 



Task the Fourth:  The Gift Card:




- Read a book that you either received as a gift or have given as a gift. 


- Give a book to a friend and post a picture of the wrapped present. 



Task the Fifth:  The Kwanzaa:




- Read a book written by an African-American author or set in an African country. 


- Make a small donation to a charitable organization that operates in Africa 



Task the Sixth:  The Hanukkah:




- Let the dreidel choose a book for you: create a list of four books, and assign a dreidel symbol to each one (Nun=miracle; Gimel=great; He=happened; Shin=there, i.e. Israel). Google "spin the dreidel," and a dreidel comes up for you to spin. Give it a spin and read the book that the dreidel chooses! 


- Make a traditional Hanukkah food like doughnuts or potato latkes. Post a picture, or tell us how they turned out!