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The Governor's Daughter (Winds of Change Book 1) - Jerri Hines

I read this for the insta-love square for Romance Bingo and it was also a Kindle Freebie selection.



To recap if you missed my 50% update:
Heroine falls in love w/ hero#1 by 30% and a few meetings.
Gets kidnapped and almost whipped to death by dude picked by grandparents to marry her.
Hero#1 offers what she considers a pity marriage.
Has sex with hero#1's bf who suddenly loves her.
Marries bf hero#2.
Now hero#2 is feeling faint/having night sweats



Second half:

Heroine gets pregnant
Hero#2 dies
Heroine kicked out by hero#2's family.
Hero#2 didn't want her to be able to leave England so somehow (completely unclear) makes a will that stipulates she can't have her own money if she leaves.
Heroine don't give a flying f and decides to go back to America, during the start of Revolutionary War.
Heroine has twins.
In one of the numerous side stories I haven't mentioned, her current maid had been raped by her step-father and he decides he wants her back.
Heroine kills step-father.
Heroine's bastard brother, who I think is around 30yrs old, gets maid pregnant, who I think is around 17-18yrs old.
2yrs go by in two chapters.
Heroine makes-out with married Hero#.5 (previously unmentioned because I didn't think we'd see him again. Imagine my surprise. But she initally was going to runaway and marry him in the beginning because she thought she wouldn't have to go to England for a season).
Hero#1 makes a surprise visit during their make-out session.
There's mentions of battles, Americans and English visit her place, she helps both. I...I think this is suppose to supply us with the feel of the times.
Hero#.5 feels extremely shafted by heroine and hires people to murder everyone.
Hero#1 saves heroine.
Heroine marries Hero#1.
She goes back to England for safety.
Reconciles with hero#2's family.
(It's going to go fast from this point on because I could barely make sense of anything)
Hero#1 presumed dead.
Children almost walk off a cliff to catch faires.
A I can't believe you're pulling this crap on the reader character betrayal.
Hero#1 makes miraculous return to save heroine from cliff.
Heroine gives birth while in a semi-coma.
Heroine's cousin who was trying to steal her money (I'm exhausted, I can't go into this storyline too and that's why you're just hearing about this) gets his due.
The end.