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The Rogue by Katharine Ashe

The Rogue: A Devil's Duke Novel - Katharine Ashe

I read this for the Key to my Heart square for Romance Bingo.

"Now, pray show me how to use this instrument to wound a man."
He could not move. "You speak of wounding a man like it means nothing to you."
"On the contrary. It means everything."
There it was again in her voice: the sharp edge of fear coated in determination.
"Have you?" he said.
"Wounded a man?"
"Wounded the man that you wish to wound?
Her throat constricted in a movement so jarring that it swept the air from Saint's lungs. He hated that she had been hurt. He hated the man that had hurt her. He hated that he had not been there to protect her then, and that he had no right to protect her now.

Read the Falcon Club books before you attempt this, no seriously, you're going to want to have read them. And do a refresher before you start this one.

"I need you," she whispered as the night gave way to pale sunlight filling up the room. "I need your kindness and strength and gentleness. I did not know that there were men like you." She stroked her fingertips on the counterpane between them, but she could not bring herself to touch him. "I love you."

This heroine would not work with any other hero but Saint. Confusion over Falcon club stuff hindered me and this felt a little more dry than what I'm used to from Ashe. Still good but not my favorite.