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Sweetly Innocent

Intertwine - Nichole Van

I read this for the Blown Away square (dress on cover and the heroine gets caught in a tornado) for Romance Bingo and my Kindle Freebie selection.


This felt like a Young Adult romance, only a couple kisses and overall had a pretty sweetly innocent tone. Being the hound dog I am, I missed sexy time payoffs. 


I also felt like the first half dragged with not a lot going on. I'm more of a linear person and the jumping around, half of chapter could be the description of an incident while the second half would go back a couple weeks to an hour, was very annoying to me. I wanted the author to just write the time sequences in order (not talking about when Emme was in the present and James in the past segments) instead of unnecessarily clogging the story with these Emme is at a party and just made a gaffe, but wait! here's an hour before where we learn Emme is about to go to this party. Just write it in order, don't out write yourself.


If you're not bothered by lack of structure or order like me and want a more innocent story, this did have some sweet moments.