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Sunday, We Soup!

So, the last couple Sunday soups have been kind of quick and easy, today I decided to make myself work for it :)

You're going to need a decently stocked pantry and some time on your hands for this one. However, there's BEER in this and the final product was delicious.







I really suggest finding and using Smoked Paprika over normal Paprika, it makes quite a difference. I also love Smoked Paprika (great spice to mix with others for shrimp tacos). Make sure you have enough, this calls for 2Tbs of cumin. 

Spike is my favorite go to for salt free seasoning, if you make vegetarian/vegan recipes you'll use it a lot. 



It was kind of...odd adding the spices to an empty pot and then pouring a beer in there (bf looked over with raised eyebrows). 





Remember that well stocked pantry I mentioned? Yeah, unless you're a doomsday prepper, you'll probably have to plan this one out. How many times do you really get to mix beer, maple syrup, and liquid smoke though in your life? YOLO.




Since we're adding the kitchen sink into this chili, don't forget your walnuts!



Secret:  I'm not a vegan but I like eating meatless meals at least twice a week. However, you'll pry my cheese out of my cold dead hands. The bf can't eat chili without sour cream, I don't know, I think it's a DNA thing.



Definitely don't forget your avocado for this, adding this topping Makes this chili. 


All in all, this probably took 2hrs for me to make, but unless you're the Von Trapps, you'll have plenty of leftovers and we all know chili is better the next day :)


*With warmer temps hitting my neck of the woods, I think I'm going to change Sunday Soup to Sunday Salad. I'm kind of a seasonal eater and one of those freaks who love salads. If you're a freak like me, I'd love for you to join along and show me your salads next first Sunday of the month!