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Sunday, we salad! And dessert!

It's still been a bit chilly here but I promised you people salad and salad you shall have!




This recipe recommends you make the dressing the night before to let it sit. I made it in the morning and planned on eating in the afternoon but then decided to go the extra mile and let it sit overnight. I could taste a difference, for the better. I'd let it sit overnight if you can.



Doesn't photograph well, but the personality of this dressing is top notch!




I didn't have walnut halves but the chopped ones I did, worked great. I was worried it would be too much sugar but I don't like things too sweet and this seemed perfect. 



Oh spinach, you don't even know the guests that are about to come party and mix it up in your home!



Fruits to the top and veggies to the bottom, so pretty :) Blackberries, apples (recipe calls for green apples but they don't agree with my stomach), mango, red pepper, cucumbers, and green onions.



Topping the salad off right!



Look at the pretty bowl! I really liked this. I would, however, leave out the red pepper and green onion next time, they just didn't seem to go, taste wise, with everything else. Definitely make the dressing, added so much flavor :)


Now, since I did a bait and switch with you all regarding moving from soup to salad, I've decided to give you a dessert also. 


Peanut Butter Cup Chia Seed Pudding



Ingredients for the chocolate.

This might go without saying, but make sure you have plenty of Chia seed on hand for this, I almost ran out, lol. This is another one that has to sit overnight but you'll be rewarded with a great breakfast for your hard work.



Ingredients for peanut butter cup.



Mine set-up perfectly after overnight but I did get lazy and just scooped it without running it through a blender first. If you like a smoother, less tapioca pudding feel, you definitely want to use a blender on this. 

I've never had Chia pudding before and while I liked it, it does have a bit of a sugar-less taste to it. The toppings helped immensely with the taste and made it from a 5 star to an 8 star dessert. I added banana slices, white chocolate chips, baking chocolate bits, and shredded coconut. It was super good after that, lol.


Any Sunday salads and desserts to share?