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Sunday, We Salad! And Dessert!

Alright, got a bit of a spin on the salad theme :)


Quinoa Salad with Strawberries, Almonds and Mint  








Who said salad always had to include lettuce? I'm fully on the quinoa bandwagon lately and love how it can add a little more heft to a lighter meal.



Look at that beautiful array of fruit, nuts, and ok, here's your leaves :)

I think I added a bit too much mint, but hey, I was excited to have fresh mint in my meal, lol.




Even though it doesn't seem like much, the dressing for this adds so much, definitely don't skip it. I added the full lemon and it really made the whole salad pop.



This might not photograph well, but I loved it. This taste combo really hit my sweet spot. The bf took one bite and gave a polite, yet firm, NO; I think it was the mint that off put him. Whatev. Hope you're all on team Whiskey and not team bf if anyone makes this!


Shockingly, while the bf did not like the salad, he was a BIG fan of the dessert.


Cookies and Cream Brownies 



This called for the often forgotten 8X8 pan. I can't tell you the trouble I had finding this size. (I only checked Target in store a couple times before ordering it online. The struggle was too real)






If you missed the sweetened condensed milk ingredient, let me warn you, it makes these fairly sweet. The innocent Oreos have no part in that! 

(By the way, if you shop at Target and don't have cartwheel, you're missing out. I got this bag at 50% off from a deal on there!) ((I don't work for Target but they should pay me the way I talk about them))



This batter was pretty goofy, very thick. The recipe also called for only two oreos to be crumbled on top, I did three. REBEL AF.



Surprisingly, this isn't the same picture. The recipe called for it too only be cooked until the top was lightly brown, even if the toothpick came out gooey. I think I would leave it in a bit longer, more like medium brown because the middle still had too much of a dough feel for me.



Voila! Like I said, pretty good but pretty sweet. I probably won't make them again but they were pretty cool for a hit it and quit it ;)


What are you all munching on this Sunday?