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Loved the hero

Again, My Lord: A Twist Series Novel - Katharine Ashe

Thank you to Becca for the great recommendation :)

I loved this hero with his introverted, slightly awkward, wit, and gentleness. 

She teased him again, and again he did not always know what to say in return. 
She drove him a little mad. 
A lot.

Hero was so patient and caring and oh I just fell in love with him but the format of the story kind of kept him more to the side than I wanted. It was mostly from the heroine's pov and with the Groundhog Day theme, we get the same day over and over with slight variations as the heroine learns and reacts to things differently. Now, tidbits about the hero are given but I wanted to "see" when the hero and heroine stay up talking in the church pew, I wanted to "hear" him talking to her, not just her second hand account. We get to see the heroine's growth but we don't really get to see the hero and heroine grow together because of the nature of the story. I missed seeing and experiencing that.

I thought two or three repeated days could have been cut out as the middle started to drag a tiny bit for me but overall, this was a fun and different read. I really appreciated how the author tried something different and did a pretty good job pulling it off. There is an ease to Ashe's writing that have her being one of my favorites and she's one of those authors that can get my eyes watering out of nowhere with a simple line:
Tacitus thought of his father's adoration of a woman with rotted teeth who could barely walk. 
The hero thinks back to how much his father loved his mother even though someone looking from the outside would have some doubts why. It's a wonderful line stating about how love is love and how imperfect people can be perfect. Beautiful. 

If you're looking for something fun and different, you'll want to give this one a shot. The first in the series (you can start with book 2 like I did, no confusion) is already on my tbr and I almost shed another tear when I saw the book 3, who I hope stars Evie (heroine's sister) and Mallory (hero's friend), isn't out yet. I really want their book :)