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Audio for people who don't like audio

American Gods: The Tenth Anniversary Edition: Full Cast Production (Audio) - Neil Gaiman, Daniel Oreskes, Dennis Boutsikaris, Ron McLarty

I try to keep my blog romance genre but I have to talk about this audio. 


I've tried listening to audio books off and on throughout my life, any way to attack that big old tbr :)  They've just not been for me, I can't seem to concentrate enough to immerse myself into the story while listening and I always feel like I'm missing something. I've been trying to hit the gym harder the last couple months and I started to grow tired of my music playlist, so I tried some podcasts but while some have worked, I haven't found one that has been reliable for 45mins 3 days a week (well, I try to go 3 days a week ;). I have a couple friends on GRs who would die on the audio book hill, so I thought why not. I started off with a book I have already read to see if I could pay attention enough. It worked out pretty well but the one person doing different voices thing still kind of trips me up. 


I was hearing good things about the Starz's series American Gods and after blowing through all the episodes in three weeks, I knew I had to read the book. When I was looking for an edition, this tenth anniversary audio popped up. I am so glad I decided to give this a try! I am amazed how much the voice actors on here sound like the tv ones! It's crazy, lol. I think Laura's character is probably the weakest along with Mad Sweeney but they are also my favorites from the tv series, so maybe some bias :) 


I'm only probably around 15-20% into the audio but so far it has followed the tv series pretty closely. I think I may have outpaced the tv though or they've moved some scenes around. I haven't meet Easter yet in the audio but the gods have had their meeting. I love the little details you can catch that enhance the tv show.


Anyway, if you have previously disliked audio, this ensemble read is amazing and I love it. It was also super ummm, interesting to listen to the Coming to America Bilquis scene at the gym in public, lol.