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Emo drama lama

The Skilled Seduction: Scandalous Secrets, Book 3 (Volume 3) by Tracy Goodwin (2015-11-06) - Tracy Goodwin


The general regency feel of this made it nothing special along with the incredibly stretched out "I love him! But now he wants to marry me because I'm compromised but I shall never marry him because I don't think he loves me!". 

I think this was around 400pgs and yet we have:

- a huge backstory continuing from previous books in series where both family's fathers were abusive psychos

- a sister/sister-in-law who almost dies from some mysterious fever that keeps her hot and comatose for a couple days only to wake up and miraculously recover. Seriously, that's all we get about the fever

- a kidnapping, semi-forced elopement

- secret maybe, maybe not love child who brings along a last second villain

- a miscarriage 

- a loooooooooong drawn out loved him forever, I'm not good enough for her


Every thing with the kitchen sink touched on but never delved deep to feel emotional. This was an emo drama lama