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Back from trip

What a whirlwind three days I've had of baseball and Chicago. First off, driving in Chicago is no joke. I severely lack the aggressiveness it takes and trains/amtrak ABOVE you?!? The pedestrians also all have death wishes, I swear. After the first day, we Uber'd our hearts out. 


I want to thank you all for your suggestions.


I way underestimated the size of the Institute of Arts, I thought it would be in comparison to the Minneapolis one. NOPE. This place was huge! I gave it a rough estimate of taking 2hrs, we stayed for 4hrs and I still didn't get to see everything. This is a must if you're ever in Chicago. Amazing.

For you all,


I was starving by the time we finally made it to Smoke Daddy





The strength of their margarita was legit, lol. I forgot to take a pic of our food because I just inhaled my Cajun fish sandwich. The bf had the ribs and love them, they put a lot more sauce on than most BBQ joints. 



The Navy Pier was great to get outside and walk around and then just walk around that part of downtown Chicago. I didn't make it to the China town part because of the too awesomeness of Institute of Arts that sucked away most of our time for that day.



The Twins managed to take 1 out of 3 games we were there for, which was super lame-o. The downtown bars were not really my scene, very spendy and trendy. The High Dive bar in the old Ukrainian village had great Cajun tots and an amazing loaded veggie burger with a great laid back atmosphere and $6.50 Guinness! If you're ever in the area. The Local Option was our favorite late night bar with a great selection of beers, especially my often lacking dark beers, harder rock music playing, and great laid back people, who also asked if we lost a bet when we walked in with our Twins gear. Har-har. I do love me sh*t talking bartenders. 


For all you American Gods fans,


Passed this little stop on the drive :)


Can't wait to get back to reading and plan for Halloween Bingo.

Let me know if I missed anything or any 5 star reads.


Enjoy the weekend, everyone!