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Sunday, err Monday, We Soup! And Dessert!

The holiday weekend in the states threw me off, I know waiting one extra day to see what I ate probably killed you all ;)





An auspicious beginning, but stick with me!




See, good thing you stuck with me. Photographing appetizing only the way soup can, lol.




As you can tell, this soup was super easy to make and only took around 20mins. If you remember my shrimp soup from last year, this broth was similar to it. For my money though, I'd make the shrimp one, this was good but, eh. I also have never wanted a spork more in life, the noodles were an adventure to eat with a spoon. I know, I know, I should have had chop sticks on hand but a two year old has more finesse with them than I do.




All great adventures begin with a single step, and butter. 



During one of the wild stimulating conversations I had with the bf, I learned he never has tried rice pudding. Mind blown. This guy loves rice and lives in the midwest! Sacrilegious, I say. 




MOAR BUTTER. You're also looking at my $3 crock pot garage sale grab. I'm very proud of it and how worth it was to make the bf carry it around for an hour before we could make it back to the car. 



Sweet dessert rice and made the house smell good. The three hour wait was lame-o and I couldn't eat much because of the use of 2% milk but it was worth it for the bf to turn to me and sweetly say, "Can you make this with chocolate milk?". 

You win some, you lose some.


Is it finally soup weather in your neck of the woods? Show me your food!