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The Last Hour of Gann - R. Lee Smith


“We’re going to take care of you, Amber. You and all the other girls. You’re our most precious resource.”

“What?”she said flatly.

“This is still a colony,”said Scott. His hand was still on her shoulder. “Only we’re not in it for the five-year contract anymore and you are one of only eleven wombs. We’ve been talking about this.”


“And we’ve made some difficult decisions regarding our duty here.”Scott ran his commanding eyes across his gallant colonists. “It may be our immediate goal to persevere, but our ultimate goal hasn’t changed from the day we boarded the Pioneer. It’s not just about living, surviving. It’s about preserving our lives, yes, and our way of life, our very future. Yes, Miss Bierce, we have a duty…and we’re going to have to be mature about this.”

“Says the man about to order people to fuck,”said Amber, and quite a few people flinched, just like that wasn’t where that little speech was going. “Were you planning to pass us out like the tents or let everyone draw straws? Let me guess: Your lieutenants get the first pick?”

Amber looked at Eric. He did not look back at her.