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Surprise Soup!

Until noon, I was operating on the thought that today was Thursday. It is not. After realizing this and staring at my desk for a couple minutes, I decided the day was done for me. Did November happen? It's all a blur for me. I think I say this every year but holy cow is the end of the year busy for me. 


Anyway, I'm changing things up a bit with Sunday Soup. I've missed the last two months and I miss talking food, because food, y'all. Instead of a Sunday Soup, I'm going to try Menu Mondays. I'm going to post the recipes that I made for the previous week and if I liked them or not; less pictures and more recipes. We'll see if I can keep up with this better :)

I will send you off with two soup recipes though, to make up for missing the last two months.





From what I've been able to catch, this would qualify for a Festive square? Even when I don't have time to play, I'm playing! 




Not a bad start, right? Sounds pretty good?




A little different mash-up for ingredients but hey, we're all adventurous people here!





Looks, interesting, right? This soup was a total fail for me. I could barely eat it. Maybe, probably, my fault because I'm not sure I knew if Turmeric was totally and completely for me. I also think I'm a wannabe healthy person, I try because my stomach demands it but my heart is dark beer and donuts all the way. I would recommend not trying this soup because, Bleh. Unless you have a Turmeric cauliflower heart.






This is another first step Olive Oil heating soup! Peppers and jalapeno sizzling together, makes my heart warm just looking at it.



Garlic and cooomin! (Everyone mispronounces it the first time, right?) 




Beans, beans, and beans! I swear I'm not a stinky person to hang around ;) Bananas not needed in this recipe but feel free to admire anyway.



Looooove this milk! It's like a Sunday morning on my tummy.



Looks appetizing! Stay with me, folks.




Avocado, lime, and chips can turn anything into a fun party! I really enjoyed this one but the bf said it tasted bland, which is weird because I more often complain of this. Looking at the comments, I see others said the same thing. Whatev. I'm counting this one as a win. I also added cheese. Come at me Vegetarian police!


Now for dessert and because I'm a woman of my word,






Remember rice pudding Sunday and the talk of what if we made it chocolate? Here you go. Hold on to your excitement because pictures are going to look a wee bit less appetizing from here.




Melted cocoa krispies twin.



Good but, very rich. I would add less chocolate chips next time. Makes a decent amount too and this is kind of a one bowl dessert because of the richness. Alas, I did my one good deed for the bf and he enjoyed it. 


Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and their reading. I'm lurking as much as I can and trying to keep up with posts, even if my gabbing on posts aren't as frequent. 


Hope some people can join me on Menu Mondays or can share some recipes. Because fooooooooood, y'all!