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Menu Monday - Holiday Edition

Holiday dishes and goodies!


Hope everyone was able to spend some time with friends and/or family and enjoy some good food. I had some hits and some misses with the holiday dishes I made.




Once I sprinkled on the crushed candy cane, this looked really festive and cute. I would definitely make the crust they suggest, went with the flavoring perfectly. It's called Eggnog cake for a reason and you're really going to have to like eggnog because this has a very eggnoggy taste to it. 

Taste:  B+

Ease to Make:  The crust is the most time consuming and it wasn't hard at all. I would make with enough time to sit in the fridge for at least an hour. Half hourish.


(Recipes for everything but the turkey)


If you need a side dish that is quick and easy, one you can cook on the stove top if your oven is occupied, this was a pretty good one. I would probably add even more brown sugar, 2tbs more, the next time as the brown sugar taste was pretty faint otherwise. 

Taste:  C

Ease to Make:  Just cutting up the potatoes, you don't even have to skin them if you don't want to! Around 20mins


The bf loves bread/dinner rolls and these seem to be his favorite that I make. I used to use the cubed mozzarella it suggest but now I simply do shredded and it melts it better. They now have the fun pull apart and have stringy cheese between factor that is a big hit in this household. Also great because you can pop them into the oven quick after the turkey and by the time the turkey is finished being cut, these are ready.

Taste:  B+

Ease to Make:  Super easy as I just buy the canned biscuits. Just make sure you fold them tight so the cheese doesn't leak out. 12 mins or so.


The only thing the bf loves more than dinner rolls is stuffing, seriously, it kind of grosses me out how much of the stuff he can eat. I'm more of an eh, on stuffing but I really like this one. It has meat in it which I think puts it over the top. I use turkey sausage and love the flavor combo. I don't stuff my turkey so after the turkey is done, I pop this in with the dinner rolls. By the time it is done cooking (20mins) the turkey has sat in its juices and been cut, perfect plate ready timing.

Taste:  A

Ease to Make:  Time to cook the turkey sausage, then 10mins with everything mixed together to sit in chicken broth, and then 20mins cooking time. A breeze to make.




I know when you saw the grapes and cheese on the plate, you were thinking "Is this weirdo going to try and give me a recipe for grapes and cheese?!?" I told you I need a recipe for everything ;)  I ran across this cute appetizer idea and was delighted on how it turned out. Adds a little festiveness to a simple fruit and cheese plate. I can't even tell you how proud I was of how well the star turned out, lol. I wasn't going to add the thyme but it did make it "better" looking and of course the thyme star was a highlight. 





These turned out adorable when I decided they need jazzing up a bit and bought some gingerbread man toppers. Super heavy bars that are complimented wonderfully by the sweet cream cheese icing. I thought the molasses taste was too heavy. For some weird reason I think I'm not the biggest fan of homemade gingerbread, I guess I like the dulled down store bought gingerbread taste better :/  They were a hit even though I didn't like them.

Taste:  B-

Ease to Make:  Pretty much like any other homemade bars except for the added molasses that everyone might not have at home. They cooked great, mine were moist. Took around 40mins for them to be completed. I would put them in the fridge too because of the icing.


Any holiday goodies you still can't get out of your mind or wanting to share any favorite traditional dishes?